County Super Spuds maintains the highest production standards. Experience teaches us that striving for excellence in all aspects of the potato growing process results in a crop that not only ensures the best yields but also gives our customers the quality they expect and deserve.

In addition to complying with state and federal regulations, our family is truly committed to preserving Maine’s natural resources. As dedicated stewards of the land, we maintain our farms with the next generation in mind. This same dedication allows us to produce the healthiest crops available for our customers.

During the fresh crop season and beyond, our potatoes are harvested, washed, and shipped directly to our customers’ process facilities. To ensure freshness all year long, our storage facilities are state of the art with fully automatic environmental control systems.

To maintain the highest level of customer service, we value our customer’s feedback, and are dedicated to incorporate their needs into our continuous process improvement program. Starting with our seed continuing through to commercial production, our focus is on executing every aspect of the growing process to perfection, with an end goal of providing the highest quality potatoes in the industry to our customers.